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16 mai 2010 7 16 /05 /mai /2010 17:49

section one: where am i thriving? what seeds are sprouting beautifully?

* it's seems like I kicked out depression !

* I enjoy art-journaling again

* I didn't go to a bookstore these days (I'm  addicted to book buying)

* I lost four pounds these days

list: dreams for me to continue nurturing

* my art-therapy blog is growing

* after a lot of resourcing creations I will be able to tackle my art-therapy book again

(60 pages written until now)

* An idea for another book is flourishing

plan: what do these dreams need to continue to thrive and how will i give it to them?

* I need to commit to do some artwork every week ; I've got a lot of assignements book to explore again

- it's been a while... this will nourish my blog

*I have to sit down and write the first book

* So fast as I catch an idea for the second one, I write it on my "guidebook" for this second project

section two: where am i struggling?  which seeds aren’t coming up (yet)?

* I'm not working now, because of depression. I feel less depressed I have to cut off or shorten the pills

to regain energy to go to work again - I hate my job, I have to make friend with this job again and prepare

to the next one

* I'm still weighting 90kg (180 ? pounds)  so I have to MOVE !!! I'm not exercising enough.

list: dreams to plant again

* going for a walk every two day to regain energy

* cuttting of antidepressor

* not buying books for a while and sparing money

* calling my parents who care for me and are unquiet


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Wendy 17/05/2010 17:12

I love your dreams! Thank you for sharing! I'd love to hear more about the book you're working on. Best wishes with your book-writing! I'm trying to be patient with my writer-self who is
baby-stepping through the process.
Blessings to you and your wonderful dreams!!

eveil-creatif.over-blog.com 17/05/2010 18:12

Thank you for helping me keeping on the track ! 

There are art-therapy book in France but they are for therapist. I'm working on a kind of selfhelp book. You can find a lot of it in the US or in Canada but we're lacking of some in french, I
think !

Best wishes for your baby-writer steps !


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